The clever way to pay your rent

rent-flex helps you create a personalised rent payment plan so you pay less at those times of the year when money is tight and slightly more when things are that little bit easier.


How does it work?

You still pay the same total amount of rent over the year, but how you pay it is flexible.

My anxiety has gone away

Since being on rent-flex I haven't really had anxiety and insomnia, it's gone away...

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I was always borrowing!

Rent-flex has helped a lot! Previously I felt that I had to take out a loan to pay the rent...

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Easing the cost of school holidays

I even had some extra money left over in January, which was good as it helped with the cost of food...

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How rent-flex is helping people like you

Can I take part?

rent-flex is a pilot scheme for 12 months and is open to some housing association residents. If you are eligible for rent-flex, then you will be contacted by your housing association over the coming months.

If you have not been contacted but are interested in taking part, then contact your housing association for more information.

If you have received your invitation and would like to register for rent-flex just click here

Not received an invitation? For more information click here

If you need help

Extra help and support is available if you need it. Your housing association can check you are getting any benefits you may be entitled to, or to provide some tips on how to cut the cost of water and fuel bills.

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Who are we?

Rent-flex is a service designed to help people at times when they need it most – often when money is tight - and has been jointly developed in partnership with housing associations, with involvement from their residents across the UK.

Our vision is for residents to feel able to take more control of their personal finances to suit their needs and be supported in doing so by their landlord.

We are currently trialling rent-flex with Optivo Housing Association but have plans to bring other landlords into the scheme soon.

Please do take the time to register and complete your personal rent plan and discover what the service can offer to you. Or if you would prefer to get in touch and speak with someone please contact your local housing officer.

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